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22 Oz. Ribeye Heaven

posted Jan 18, 2012, 5:17 PM by Jean Breshears
Every grilling enthusiast dreams of searing a mouth watering thick-cut steak, but cooking to perfection can be a serious challenge. Here's a few tips: for thick-cut grilling, season with Reddy Rub and allow the steak to warm to room temperature before cooking. If the meat is too cold, the outside will char while the interior will still be rare. Let your grill get to high temperature (~450 ºF) and lightly coat with oil. Place steak on grill and allow 5-6 minutes per side, rotating 90º once to form eye-popping grill marks. The steak will be a perfect medium-rare when firmness to touch is about equal to your palm near the base of you thumb. Here we serve our juicy ribeye with pan fried okra, and grill-toasted bread coated with a mixture of olive oil, fresh grated Romano cheese, and our Greek Delight seasoning. Pair with your favorite red wine, such as a nice Spanish Rioja. Enjoy many nights of winter grilling!
Jean Breshears,
Jan 18, 2012, 5:17 PM